Cremation Tablets
This online brochure shows just a small selection of our granite cremation tablet range. The memorial you choose can be tailored to your individual requirements in terms of design, ornamentation and colour. 
  • Designs can be interchanged onto any memorial
  • Flower containers can be interchanged and added
  • Photos and religious photo plaques are available
  • Many memorials within our range can be completed in just 8 weeks
Cremation Tablet, HMCT001

HMCT001 (Black) 

Cremation Tablet

HMCT002 (Black) 

Cremation Tablet

HMCT003 (Grey) 

Cremation Tablet black book

HMCT004 (Black )

Cremation Tablet book

HMCT005 (Blue Pearl) 

Cremation Tablet black

HMCT006 (Black) 

Cremation Tablet blue

HMCT007 (Blue Pearl) 

Cremation Tablet red

HMCT008 (Cats Eye Red) 

Cremation Tablet

HMCT009 (Ruby Red)